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4 AM

Indiscretion's debut album-12 great tracks

1/ Anutha Time
2/ Quik Exit
3/.Jus the Groove
4/ Fallin'
5/ The Mood
7/. I'm for real
8/ Someone Else
10/.Rock U Crazy
11/. Special
12/ 4AM

4 AM is producer Ekow Armah's highly anticipated debut album from his Deep house/funky house project INDISCRETION. It features 12 quality tracks that will take you on a complete journey from INDISCRETION's inception to the present day. It features the tracks Anutha Time, Jus the Groove and their current single Rock U Crazy which started life as Mad Funky and has had a complete makeover-into a very funky song. If you are a real fan of Indiscretion, you will definitely find something on the album that makes you move as well as smile! INDISCRETION are back checkout what they are saying with 4AM .