Zane Lowe Lowe - World Record - November 2015.


When you think of the fertile creative soils of the UK, Croydon probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind. The South London town is known more for its brickwork than its bands, but it’s that feeling of big-city disillusionment that makes what Bellevue Days do so special.

Premiering below on DIY after our old mate Zane Lowe picked it as his World Record on Beats1 last night, their new single ‘Ripped Jeans’ is a gut-punching cut of intelligent and anthemic rock, cut through with an everyday paranoia that’s destined for huge, uniting festival slots. “Oh my God, I drink to forget, I love leaving cigarette stains on my twin sized bed,” sings frontman Alan Smith amidst all the arms-aloft euphoria, but it’s his closing sentiments that ring the truest - “still, I’m singing.”

Stream ‘Ripped Jeans’ below, first on DIY. It’s taken from the band’s second EP, due out early next year. If you fancy a sneak peek, they play The Unicorn in Camden on December 3rd.