Sales of ‘Beating Heart - Malawi’ have funded the ongoing development of the ‘Garden to Mouth’ (G2M) food initiative: a programme to feed 500 students once a day through organic irrigated gardens in 1 hectare of land; educating students with practical knowledge giving them the tools to be in charge of their own food security; generating income through sales of crops at local markets to be re-invested into expanding the gardens.

We believe the G2M methodology could be as much as 3x more effective than the current school feeding programs funded by various donors and are in the process of working with them to accurately collate and verify the data to begin rolling out G2M at schools throughout the country.

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Sales of ‘Beating Heart – South Africa’ support The Women’s Legal Centre, run by a group of female lawyers striving for gender equality across South Africa, particularly for black women, whose work has had a huge impact on the country’s laws, and continues to do so.

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