Be Charlotte is all about the damn good vibes. She is one of the most innovative artists in Britain.  Her songwriting prowess is beyond her 18 years and has taken her on several Transatlantic journeys from her hometown of Dundee, Scotland. Her singing voice is flawless. She also raps and beatboxes and has helped to invent her own unique musical instruments. 

The pitch perfect songstress has already taken strides in the UK and US wowing audiences with her impeccable vocals. Be Charlotte has quickly become synonymous with endearing charisma that is displayed in her captivating live show. Her songs are comprised of anecdotal stories which are effortlessly captured in soaring pop melodies using digital composition and live instrumentation.   Be Charlotte is an artist always willing to break the rules and pave her own way in the music industry.   Tenement TV: She manages to capture the essence of modern day catchy pop yet is the furthest thing from frivolous or throwaway The Skinny: The pastel haired, bespectacled Dundee teenager is a delightful breath of fresh air carving out soulful moments and never wavers in her momentum.