Overhaul are an alternative rock band from Millport, Scotland and Milwaukee, USA!!

The band has seen several lineup changes over the years but Andy Gallagher and Mike Hoffmann have remained true to what Overhaul is about music wise.

Influenced by the likes of Dinosaur Jr, Neil Young, Violent Femmes and Sebadoh, Andy began song writing and performing and soon came to the attention of veteran music manager Darren Brown. Andy barely had time to re-string his guitar, assemble a group, before Overhaul recorded their debut album Hope Shines Through and were opening for touring bands such Dinosaur Jr, Langhorne Slim, The Tracie Hunter Band and Dom Brown (Duran Duran). He was also given the honour of opening for Violent Femmes on their 25th Anniversary Tour of Ireland in 2006.

It was after a show in Ireland that Andy and Violent Femmes drummer, Victor DeLorenzo, decided to embark on a recording project of their own. Victor then drafted in his long time friend Mike Hoffmann of Semi Twang and EIEIO* fame who took up bass duties to become part of the project. The guys met up in Milwaukee, USA, hit the studio and recorded an album in a little under 9 days. Mike then joined the band full time as 2nd guitarist.

As it came time for the final mastering to be done, they could only think of one place in the world this could happen – Abbey Road Studios! So it was there that the album ‘Here and There’ received its finishing magical touch, by engineering supremo, Alex Wharton and was officially released on Mood Vertigo Recordings in 2009.

The following year (2010) Andy was contacted by Minneapolis based Micro Label After Music Recordings to record a limited Edition Split Vinyl album, so Andy and Mike accepted and recorded the 4 tracks at Cava Sound Studios in Glasgow and at his home in Millport.

In the Summer of 2011 Andy took a break from Overhaul and was given the tremendous honor/opportunity to play bass for one of his biggest influences, Gordon Gano of Violent Femmes. His new band Gordon Gano & The Ryans had UK festival/club tour booked and need a bassist. So he happily accepted and enjoyed every last minute of the tour.

Whilst writing their 4th studio album “Achukma” Mike and Andy contacted a few friends to help them out with the recording of Achukma and Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes), Joey Huffman (Soul Asylum), Mike Watt (The Stooges/Minutemen), Astrid Young (Neil Young), Brendan and Billy Ryan (The Bogmen/Gordon Gano & The Ryans) and others to contribute to the release. Achukma was released on the 28th Nov ’13.

After a small hiatus, where Andy started a solo band "Andy Gallagher & The Gambit" and Mike joining Milwaukee band "Delta Routine", Andy and Mike have teamed up again and brought John Malone in as drummer to write, record and tour as Overhaul once again.

So VERY busy times ahead.

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