Josef and Jan Prasil, twin brothers who together form AMISTAT are easily recognizable for their acoustic set heard on the streets of Melbourne. Originally from Germany, the brothers reunited in 2013 to rekindle their music. Borne of the intimacy only twins share, their unadorned sound produces unique harmonies. Inspired by a life on the road, Jan and Josef’s kinship is emphasized through their lyrics, in which these young musicians infuse their sentiment, hopes and ambitions. Highlighting their individuality, the brothers bring together their contrasting musical styles and personalities to create a balanced sound. Fresh off the back of touring their second EP ‘Somewhere, Sometime’ Europe wide AMISTAT are heading into the studio with Matt Neighbour (Husky, Missy Higgins) at the end of the year to record their highly anticipated debut album. Whoever has experienced AMISTAT and their wonderful sound live on stage or busking on Bourke Street Mall is oddly touched by the emotional investent in their music.

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