SKYLIGHTS – WHAT YOU ARE - Limited Edition CD Album with bonus tracks and band commentary

SKYLIGHTS – WHAT YOU ARE - Ltd Edition CD Album with bonus tracks and track by track band commentary


WHAT YOU ARE is the long awaited and much anticipated debut album from Yorkshire’s own SKYLIGHTS A collection of new songs and fan favourites, the Ltd Edition CD album contains the 10 tracks from the vinyl album plus 3 bonus tracks exclusive to this Limited Edition CD and an exclusive "track by track" audio commentary from Turnbull and Scaz from SKYLIGHTS

CD Track Listing 1 Outlaw 2 Nothing Left To Say 3 What You Are 4 Britannia 5 Darkness Falls (Acoustic) 6 Enemies 7 YRA 8 Lifeline 9 Take Me Somewhere 10 Driving Me Away (Acoustic) 11 Nothing Left To Say (stripped) - CD exclusive track 12 Darkness Falls (Skylights Cut) - CD exclusive track 13 Driving Me Away (demo) - CD exclusive track 14 Outlaw - Band Commentary 15 Nothing Left To Say - Band Commentary 16 What You Are - Band Commentary 17 Britannia - Band Commentary 18 Darkness Falls - Band Commentary 19 Enemies - Band Commentary 20 YRA - Band Commentary 21 Lifeline - Band Commentary 22 Take Me Somewhere - Band Commentary 23 Driving Me Away - Band Commentary