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    Zenith Nadir Mug

    Mug based on the artwork for Zenith Nadir's third album

    Description This is a mug based on the artwork for Zenith Nadir's third album. A trip into a Parallel World, where we can ride dragons, tigers and jaguars, and travel in space ships. The design is original by Alejandro de la Rosa, it is drawn by hand by Beverley artist Kathy Marshall and graphic design by Selina Marshall.

    Inspiration The art of Zenith Nadir is embodied in colourful textures providing a cosmic journey through different astral planes that dance in the mind of author Alex de la Rosa. The designs stimulate the minds of their viewers through each stroke of imagination and a greater awareness of existence, exposing an entertaining view of the parallel lives which are created in the dreams and fantasies of restless minds, letting your imagination run wild. The illustrations are drawn by Beverley artist Kathy Marshall and reflect the adventurous mind of the playful and dreamy Zenith Nadir. They are based on Alex’s experiences in the desert.