Start Clanging Cymbals - CD - Wovoka Gentle

Start Clanging Cymbals - CD


Wovoka Gentle debut album "Start Clanging Cymbals" on CD.

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** Tracklisting **

  1. Salient Point
  2. Punxsutawney Phil
  3. Small Victory
  4. [I Saw A Bright White Light]
  5. 1,000 Opera Singers Working In Starbucks
  6. Peculiar Form Of Sleep (Tiresias Theban)
  7. [It’s All OK]
  8. Gennesaret
  9. Tell ‘Em, Makoto!
  10. Oystercatcher
  11. Xerxes ‘19 (ft. Kids Club Kampala Children’s Choir)
  12. [‘Josh, Shout Something!’]
  13. Sin Is Crouching At Your Door(Sad Puppy!!!1!)