Samantha Barks - Into the Unknown - CD


A brand-new studio album from Samantha Barks, celebrates some of her favourite songs from musicals from the last 10 years.

  1. Into The Unknown (From Frozen 2)
  2. Heart Of Stone (From Six)
  3. Never Enough (From The Greatest Showman)
  4. How Far I’ll Go (From Moana)
  5. Reflection (From Mulan)
  6. Waving Through a Window (from Dear Evan Hansen)
  7. Only Us (Duet with Ramin Karimloo) (From Dear Evan Hansen)
  8. I’d Rather be Me (From Mean Girls)
  9. With You (From Ghost)
  10. Let Me Be Your Star (Duet with Stephanie McKeon) (From Smash)
  11. Falling Slowly (From Once)
  12. Mary Jane (From Jagged Little Pill)

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