We are Wenslow PT 3

Our first EP balance was written and recorded in the first month of 2017. Balance was essentially a rewrite of the self-titled Wenslow EP. The first song we wrote together was a redux of Madmon. Where that song was a chill song about friendship and outward reminiscent thought, I took our rewrite Krungle in a very different direction. Krungle is about a personal experience of a relationship I had in my past in which I was left with a lot of unanswered questions about who I was with/ if they ever were who I really thought they were and endings and closure. Writing the song help me put to bed the questions that kept me up at night.

The world is always moving, growing, and changing, and people are one and the same. Friends will come and go, love with combust and burn out. Our fear is nothing more than figments of yesterday, while the future and serenity lie beyond the horizon.

We are Wenslow. PT 2

Making a long story brief, Odd One Out(Old Band) did not end amicably. We burnt out like 2004 Blink on speed. Friendships exploding, harsh words back and forth, THE WHOLE SHEBANG. It's amazing how times like those can feel like an eternity while being packed into terrible year installments. At the end of the day all things aside, the world just started moving too fast for us, and as we started to break the barrier of our potential, the insurmountable gravity of the real world sent us spiraling towards an early doom.

I think we all needed that time, I know I did. I took the time to reinvent myself as there was a long period of time where little by little I just drifted farther and farther from myself. Hell, by the time high school ended I didn't even know who I was anymore. Things I loved 4 short years before became terrible to me, I let people who meant a lot to me walk away, and I turned on my friends in favor of better suiting myself. Yet still, I sat unchanged, and unphased by my world edging closer and closer to personal rapture. Eventually, I got sick of letting the PAST actions of myself, and others affect the reality of today. I mean if a choice can ruin a person's life forever, is it that hard to consider a world where a choice can do the opposite?

We are Wenslow. PT 1

What started in a basement in Marion, Iowa...... yada yada yada

We are Wenslow. Started from the ashes(quite literally) of Dan, and Ryan Bochert's previous band House on Winslow(RIP) we started making music in late 2015. Now when I say we I really mean they, as I(Brady) was not a founding member of this wonderful band I now get to call my own. Back then the band had a very different presence then the band we are today. Only a short year later Sam(guitar) reconnected with me, and asked me to be a part of Wenslow. At this time I was joining Wenslow with a previous band member Clay Shanahan(Fill in Bass). I remember walking down the familiar steps of Sam's moms basement that I practiced in only years before. It felt so similar yet so different. Those practices were pretty much rewrite sessions of the original self titled Wenslow EP. The surge of creativity struck fast and in a matter of a month we had a whole new set of material, shows for days, and a whole EP ready to record, for once I felt absolutely encapsulated by the music often listening to the songs over and over. I was genuinely so proud of what we created, I'd never felt that way. It was a welcome change from the days of the old band in high school.