During 2006 Unlabel released a special collection of fifty-two CD albums - one every week of the year in a project called 'series52', all by people who weren't connected with the label from all over the world to include all genres from guitar based music - acoustic and alt. country to post-rock / math-rock, hardcore and beyond, piano, electronica / idm through to ambient, glitch, microsound, gabber, industrial / noise, soundscapes and anything else that took their fancy, each in a strictly limited edition of just 100 numbered copies.

The 2006 series52 Artists were: Absent Without Leave, Accelera Deck, Accrual, Aerosol, Alkin Engineering, All Systems Ghost, am-boy, Autobam, The Baker Boys, Billy Mahonie, Boc Scadet, Calder, Celer, The Century of Aeroplanes, Cheju, Dirty Husband, Dreams Of Tall Buildings, Drumm Chimp, Eftus Spectun, Egsun, The Evenings, Fieldtriqp, G.Dam, Galena, Gareth Dickson, Gareth Hardwick, Glider, Kimonophonic, Last of the Real Hardmen, Light, Koutaro Fukui, Maps and Diagrams, Maps Of The Heart, Meets Guitar, Melodium, Melt (Kevin Tomkins), Metrotone, Milieu, Modern Bison, Octavcat, October Man, Ojn, Old Apartment Songs, The Prints, Romance of Young Tigers, Soeza, Trampfartyg, Unspeakable Easels, Verbose, Vinaya, Vizier of Damascus, yellow6