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New single 'Whiskey' out 4th of October 2019.

Following their debut 6th Street Psychosis, London band Tokyo Taboo have now announced their highly anticipated second album. Taken from the album, new single Whiskey will be released on the 4th of October via TT Records.

Written about Dolly's tumultuous relationship with alcohol, Whiskey rages with the band’s trademark ferocity as whirring hooks race alongside tremendous beats and the immense power of front-woman Dolly Daggerz’ vocals. As guitarist Mickey Danger’s riotous riffs blast into your ears, the track’s propelled by a feisty power that’ll instantly hit you with its seething frenzied energy. Of the track, Daggerz explains: “I wanted to describe how I'd become dependent on alcohol to feel ok. I got so used to drinking whiskey straight out the bottle before jumping on stage. I thought being wasted was the only way I could perform as a riotous female. Turns out I never needed alcohol at all and that craziness lives in me!” Dolly, now sober for closing in on a year, describes how liberated she feels without the booze, "I was a walking emotional rollercoaster. High from the adrenaline of our show then so low the next day. I had drunken conversations with myself in venue toilet cubicles. Drinking was never any good for my mental health and I could see a nasty end for myself if I didn't pack it in."

Tokyo Taboo’s upcoming album was recorded in California by Noah Shain (whose most recent production Badflower’s ‘Ghost’ recently occupied the Number 1 spot in the US rock chart). The album showcases how the band have really honed their sound since their debut, developing musical layers and refining production to create something utterly unique. Tokyo Taboo have built quite a reputation for their spectacular, character-driven - and often shocking - vibrant live performances. Now, receiving acclaim from the likes of Radio X’s John Kennedy, BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, Clash and Punktastic, they’re ready to take on the world once again with the mind-blowing power of Whiskey. And, with a UK tour soon to be announced, plus more new music on the way next year, you’d better keep your eyes on Tokyo Taboo. We’re sure Dolly wouldn’t have it any other way!