Arrivals & Departures (2xLP)


Ten years after releasing The Last of the Melting Snow, The Leisure Society are back with an epic conceptual double-album, Arrivals & Departures, released 12th April 2019. Original artwork by illustrator Owen Davey.


Disc 1

  1. Arrivals & Departures
  2. A Bird A Bee Humanity
  3. God Has Taken A Vacation
  4. I’ll Pay For It Now
  5. Overheard
  6. Let Me Bring You Down
  7. Be You Wherever
  8. Arundel Tomb

Disc 2

  1. Don’t Want To Do It Again
  2. Mistakes On The Field (Part I)
  3. Mistakes On The Field (Part II)
  4. Leave Me To Sleep
  5. Beat Of A Drum
  6. There Are No Rules Around Here
  7. You’ve Got The Universe
  8. Ways To Be Saved