NECC presents TBFDCAP, Dagger and the Pits, Cazimi

The Band for Disease Control and Prevention + Cazimi + Dagger and the Pits

Trillians, Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB


North East Cosmonaut Circus Presents The Band for Disease Control and Prevention Dagger and the Pits Cazimi @ Trillians, Newcastle upon Tyne Sunday 16th October 2022 6pm - 10pm £3

Line Up

The Band for Disease Control and Prevention The Story so far in 10 easy to follow parts

(i) x-Drill(ers) steal a vocalist and come up with impossibly long name just to get a unique internet URL

(ii) No guitar solos are used in the making of the album – hey why not sometimes dispense with 4/4 and traditional song structures too.

(iii) A single, some national airplay (thanks Steve Lamacq), international airplay (USA, most of Europe – still working on Australia) - thanks to all those stations out there.

(iv) Sony Pictures want $5000 to licence a sample from their film The Fisher King but won’t provide Jeff Bridges’ personal number. Sod the snotty legal executives and their non-disclosure agreements.

(v) So fuck that we’ll make our own, and call Phil Davis (Quadrophenia and shed loads more besides) to tell us he’s “only the fucking devil sweet heart”

(vi) Phil calls wrong person back and scares the shit out of someone by telling them he’s the devil in a scary voice before putting the phone down.

(vii) Let’s cover a Blondie classic in our own way and release a single and video for it

(viii) Tommy Kessler (Blondie guitarist) LOVES IT !!

(ix) Number 2 in the Festive ’79 Poll of the year beating Sex Pistols, Clash, Stranglers and more besides. – Branny is still a hard to shift bastard.

(x) Convince Red Helmet from the legendary Punishment of Luxury to join our ship of fools.

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Cazimi are a bunch of wizened old bastards that make awesome music. They have been described as “Not so much the illegitimate sons, but the genetically engineered progeny of luminaries such as Magazine, The Bunnymen, The Stranglers, Hawkwind, Killing Joke, John Barry and Erik Satie”. Bullshit? Maybe.

Cazimi have been played on Tom Robinson’s Mixtape and his Saturday show as well as local radio plays by Nicky Roberts at BBC Newcastle. The band released their debut album 'Late in the Day' in 2020 which is available on CD as well as through AWAL via Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, TIDAL etc. New for 2022 is the EP Signals

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Dagger and the Pits