The Albino Peaches are an Essex band from Harlow creating a blues infused rock 'n' roll sound. Dan Parkin and Tommy Judd formed the band back in Summer 2012 and have since pushed themselves to the maximum level, especially when it came to releasing their second EP 'Memphis' (2014) recorded at Harlows GTA studios via soundcloud which became quickly admired by no other than Greg Vandy of KEXP Radio of Seattle USA.

They have since released popular 4 track EP 'III' (2015 Also recorded at GTA) with striking new bass player, Kyle Panton. "This London trio claim to fuse a bluesy 50's rock brew for their listeners, creating something so refreshing and rough around the edges, defining a clear market for their musical ability." - The Music Manual

At the beginning of 2016 the 3 piece headed somewhere new to record their newest sounding single 'static love' at a home studio near london with a friend, Micheal cumming. And has had radio succes up and down the country and across the pond in europe. "Sharp and cocky vocals, bluesy timbre, impetuous riffs and dynamic beats." - Nessi Holt

August 2016 The band brought in new member 'Jack findell' to record some new music. Albino peaches was back with Micheal for two days and recorded 4 stripped back acoustic tracks that was each mastered for separate release as singles.

Stay tuned for what comes next on instagram and twitter @thealbinopeaches and connect through facebook.


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