Vicars of Stiffkey, Puppets To The Supreme Commander, New Scientists, Marigolds

Vicars of Stiffkey

The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

Ideal Surreal presents;

Vicars of Stiffkey Puppets To The Supreme Commander New Scientists Marigolds

The Owl Sanctuary Friday 7th July

Ideal Surreal is pleased to present an eventing of local musical talent for your viewing and listening pleasure. Tonight's is an eclectic affair courtesy of four local bands, each of whom are rather different.

Headlining are local psych-rockers Vicars of Stiffkey. This sometimes shambolic group are fronted by local artist Will Teather, who is joined by local musical legends Shane O'linski, Tom Conway, Dave Inge and Dominic Redsell. An always enjoyable mish mash.

Supporting are Puppets To The Supreme Commander who are making their Owl debut. This five piece formed in 2015 and a spread across the land, with members from Lowestoft, Norwich and the big smoke. Some of you will no doubt recognise former Darkness drummer Ed Graham on, errrr, Drums, but they're some what different to his former band.

Second up are New Scientists, who are one of the new young fine city bands who've sprung up over the past couple of years. More psychedelic indie rock.

Starting us off are Marigolds who are another of the new crop of bands. Summer time indie pop.

Line Up

Vicars of Stiffkey