The Murderburgers, The Decline, O.V.N

the murderbugers

The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

The Owl Sanctuary is pleased to present

The Murderburgers The Decline O.V.N

The Owl Sanctuary Thursday 29th June

Scottish pop-punksters The Murder Burgers return to the Owl on Thursday 29th June. he Murderburgers are a high-energy melodic three piece punk rock’n’roll band from Scotland who deal in lightening quick anthemic intelligent pop-punk bangers. Formed in 2007 by lead vocalist and guitarist Fraser, The Murderburgers have grown from gobby Ramones-esque young punks into arguably Scotland’s finest ever punk rock export.

Supporting are fellow Skate Punk Popsters The Decline, whose melodic punk has been impressing fans worldwide for a few years now. For fans of fast-paced and energetic Punk, with catchy lyrical hooks.

Opening are local and quite excellent punk group O.V.N.


Line Up

the murderbugers