Mutate - The Light Dreams


A dark, cinematic soundscape of industrial rhythms and resonating synths.

Renegade Frequencies
Residual Recall

Change is essential. Without it, there can be no development or progress, and the threat of stagnation becomes ever more menacing. And, as in the natural world all around us, mutation provides the vehicle which allows, indeed forces, improvement. There are risks – decay and degeneration are a constant danger when beings mutate – but no benefits can be achieved without a little risk.

This album takes us into the presence of mutation – the rhythms and melodies of life which can transform every one of us, and which we cannot resist. The fast pace of change is unavoidable, and adapting to it is essential in the modern world. We all have to mutate.

Anyone who thinks they can survive, let alone thrive, without change is seriously mistaken. Join us in exploring an existence where nothing stays the same, and the unexpected lies just around the corner.