What are The Bronsons?

The Bronsons are a​ ​​​London-​​ and Oxfordshire-based high-energy garage rock rhythm and blues​ band ​playing a 50/50 mix of original material and obscure covers. ​​Their influences range from 60's beat, rhythm and blues and garage rock bands, through to Dr Feelgood, Eddie & the Hot Rods, The Count Bishops, The Inmates and Lew Lewis.

The band had a cult following in 1980s London, playing Le Beat Route, The Embassy Club and the legendary squatters' nightclub in Bonnington Square. After splitting in 1985 they reformed in 2013, recruiting a new bass player and new Bronsonettes. Since then a series of pub dates and festival appearances have cemented their reputation as a seriously good live act that knows how to put on a show.

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The Bronsons in 1984

Meet The Bronsons

The Bronsons are a six-piece band ​(guitar, bass, drums, lead vocal/harmonica, two backing singers) - although they sometimes gig as a four-piece.

  • Stef: voice, harp
  • Chas: guitar
  • Jorge: bass
  • Carlos: drums

Giselle and Zara are The Bronsonettes

Ex-Bronsons include, in order of length of service:

  • Mike (aka Chuck) - bass
  • John - harp
  • Sandy - Bronsonette
  • Sarah - Bronsonette
  • Bob - guitar
  • Debs - Bronsonette

Why "The Bronsons"?

The well-known hit-man and actor Charles Bronson starred in a series of trashy thrillers in the 1970s and 80s. Death Wish, Death Wish 2, Death Wish 3, Death Wish 4, Death Wish 5 and The Evil What Men Do - "a clumsy catalogue of pain and death," said Time Out London - cried out for the right kind of tongue-in-cheek musical homage.

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Past gigs

Where are The Bronsons playing next?

2017 - The Half Moon - The New Moon (Crawley) - The Beehive - Dublin Castle - Plasma Music TV Studio - Sussex Music Festival - Moonfest - The Musician (Leicester)

2016 - The Water Rats - Surya - St Moritz Club - Dublin Castle (twice) - Amersham Arms - Rokefest - Fighting Cocks (twice) - Music at the Crossroads Festival - WADS Stock - The Gunners - Hope & Anchor - Lincoln Inn (Dorking) - The Star Inn (Guildford) - The Troubadour - The Brunswick (Hove)

2015 - Dublin Castle (three times) - Workshop (Roadtrip) - Fiddler's Elbow - Underbelly - Ealing Blues Festival - Old Queen's Head - Surya - 93 Feet East

2014 - The Birds Nest - Hope & Anchor - Fiddler's Elbow (twice) - The Comedy Pub - 229

2013 - Battersea Bar (reunion gig)

1980s - A load of pubs and clubs around West and Central London, including the Clarendon in Hammersmith, the Kings Head in Fulham (we became the house band there, pretty much), Le Beat Route, the Embassy Club and others. We played Fulham Town Hall, a CND festival, and the coolest gig in the world in a communal squat in Vauxhall with 300 people leaning over three floors of banisters and railings while we played in a pit. Plus dozens of gigs in various dodgy boozers in North, East and South London, and trips to Romford and Guildford.

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