Exhibition: Giulia Colletti presents the work of Adriano La Licata

In My Defence In the inner landscape where things lose their form, he becomes both creator and creation. He is just a pool for fun and fear. It is in the gap between his inside hell and the creation ahead, where the act comes to light. Senses merge, disclosing the untold. They do not point a path, they evoke it. Everything moves within elusive time. Traversing processes of consciousness, he experiments the world. A playful and anarchist attitude betrays everyday oddities. While transposing the truthfulness of things and subtly subverting their structure, he unearths the conundrum of daily life. Moving as a shaman across madness and wisdom, he loses himself to any change, any discovery, and any failure […]

I Was Restless […] Travel more, everyday. Initiate a path, which has already initiated you. Transform something unidirectional into a multidirectional dynamism. Just explore the reality around you, and then the reality itself will start to investigate you. Lost, lost, lost! It’s when you feel lost that you find a new self. Abandoning habitual paths is already a way of r-existing. Unleash the attitude of a vagrant wonder, releasing reality from crystallization. Jump into uncertainty to embrace the certainty of risk, and laugh at it. Nomadic resistance, move from place to place, from faith to faith, from fate to fate.