TENFOLD - Digital Download - Taxi Violence

TENFOLD - Digital Download


Pay Dirt
Hit Me Up
Fuck Off And Fry
Lead Us To The Slaughter
Black Soul
Bad Man At The Door
Beaten By The Gun
Lazy Day
What Goes Up Must Come Down
The Walk
Into The Desert
Stuck In A Rut

Tenfold is the fifth studio album from Taxi Violence. The album was nominated for a South African Music Award in 2015 for Best Rock Album.

Track Listing 1. "Pay Dirt"
2. "Hit me Up"
3. "Fuck off and Fry"
4. "Lead Us to the Slaughter"
5. "Black Soul"
6. "Bad Man At the Door"
7. "Beaten By the Gun"
8. "Lazy Day"
9. "God’s Gonna Cut You Down"
10. "What Goes Up Must Come Down"
11. "The Walk"
12. "Stuck in a Rut"