Sweet and Dandy presents:

HAND ME DOWN - Super 8

Kino Teatr, St Leonards, GB

Entry Requirements: free but must reserve ticket
General Admission (e-ticket)

8 Hastings based filmmakers shoot 8 rolls of super 8 film in the Charity shops of 1066 country. Each filmmaker will go on a journey with an object/s chosen from a charity shop, finally re-donating it back to the shop at the end. Expect transformative recycling. 2017 is the continuation of the Super 8 submissions project using real film, first presented in the 2013 Festival. Filmmakers include: Catharine Brown, Nichola Bruce, Anonymous Bosch, Ben Cole, Maika Crampton, Richard Heslop, Andrew Kotting and Mauricio Vincenzi. Performed with a live soundtrack by NON-BLANK & Fritz Catlin.