The Deliverance (Limited Signed CD) - Sway

The Deliverance (Limited Signed CD)


Your copy of the album will be signed by Sway and sent out on release date

1: Deliverance Song (feat. Daniel De Bourg) 2: Testimony (feat. Tiggs Da Author) 3: Stream It (feat. Mista Silva) 4: Snap Shot (feat. Sam Garrett) 5: Blow It (feat. They Call Me Raptor & Ryan Thomas) 6: Wanna Be (feat. Ksi) 7. Teach Us 8. Crier 9. The Sea (feat. Ms Adams & Jamie Grey) 10. Follow You 11. Ain't Going home (feat. Mr Bigz & Tony Blaize) 12. Reign Dance 13. Still Speedin' (Remix) 14. Level Up (feat. Kelsey)