Midnight Between Months [Digital Deluxe] - Steven Battelle

Midnight Between Months [Digital Deluxe]

Who's Knocking At My Door?
Apple Tree
Stick To Your Dreams Not To Your Guns
Running Wild In New York City
Shark Infested Stalker
Magic Carpet Ride
Dancing To A Silent Beat
When I Was Older
Who’s Knocking At My Door? - Instrumental
Apple Tree - Instrumental
Stick To Your Dreams Not To Your Guns - Instrumental
Running Wild In New York City - Instrumental
Shark Infested Stalker - Instrumental
Magic Carpet Ride - Instrumental
Relax - Instrumental
Dancing To A Silent Beat - Instrumental
When I Was Older - Instrumental
Shipwrecked - Instrumental
When We Die Our Dreams Explode
Running Wild In New York City [Acoustic Demo]
Put Your Dreams Aside [Live Shokan Wood]

This expanded version includes the instrumentals of every track as well as the first demo for Running Wild in New York City which was part of my "morning sessions" at my home back in Derby where I would play the first thing that came into my mind after waking up and record it into my phone. Also we have an unheard song "When We Die Our Dreams Explode" from the Chapel studio sessions, the same session where I recorded Shark Infested Stalker and Shipwrecked. The live recording of the end of the song Relax!!! "Put Your Dreams Aside" recorded live in the snow covered woods in Shokan. And finally Galaxies which came out on its own but feels very much part of this era of my writing.