'Listening to Sophie is like listening to something convincingly, classically imprinted on the brain, only to realise that you've never heard it before'.

• Winner in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition 2014 • An International artist who has showcased and performed in Berlin. Hamburg, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Amsterdam and London • Just released the title track and first single from her debut album ‘Chemical Girlfriend’ • Picked from thousands and chosen as the FemINDIE cover artist (based in New York) • Dubbed best vocalist in the Singer Universe Competition, Los Angeles.

It is almost impossible to pigeonhole Sophie Hanlon’s songs and musical style. It sounds like something you should have heard but there is no one other artist that she sounds like. For some who believe there must be a point of reference to validate an artist this may be perplexing. Sophie is a truly modern, original artist and an exceptional performer.

Surrounded by music during her childhood in the Yorkshire Moors, Sophie spent her teens visiting music festivals in the UK with her dad, going on to perform at the renowned Glastonbury festival herself when she was just 17 years old.

Sophie is currently based in Sydney and has just completed her debut album 'Chemical Girlfriend’. Storytelling, cinematic imagery, poetry and genuine loss are the inspiration for this eclectic set of songs showcasing Sophie’s passion for songwriting and performing.

"Sophie’s voice sours through you. She is captivating to watch.." (Mike Radojkovic- Drum Media Magazine, Sydney, Australia)

“Best thing I have heard all year. Doesn’t sound like everything else around right now” (Triple J review, Australia)

‘One of the finest songwriters I have ever worked with’ (David Skeet, London/Sydney based record producer)

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