Shaun Gambowl Walsh was a front man without a band for years. Then one cold dark Thursday evening he was given one and he is now THE NEW FACE OF ROCK N ROLL!

Shaun Gambowl Walsh started playing the local open mic circuit and now plays shows with the likes of Doves, Johnny Marr, The Twang, The Coral, Goldie Lookin’ Chain, The Bluetones, Art Brut...

Whether the audience is 2 people, or 20,000 people, Shaun Gambowl Walsh and the Plagiarists bring the party!

Plenty of music videos and other content on the YOUTUBE channel.


General release on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, YoutubeMusic and Bandcamp on 4th June 2020


Press Contact:

"Mindful profanity. Existentialism. Lyrical tom-foolery. These are the less than subtle subversions of local band, Shaun Gambowl Walsh and the Plagiarists, whose often satirical performances have been regularly tickling (if not disturbing) unsuspecting audiences across t’greater West Midlands areas and beyond." - Brum Radio

"For Shaun Gambowl Walsh, aggression and passion aren’t mutually exclusive terms... Fans often worry Walsh will mime the much-missed (hmm…) stage antics of GG Allin; it’s only natural, then, that as soon as Walsh wobbles forwards the crowd takes three steps back. While Walsh doesn’t like the presence of the barrier, he breaks down the fourth wall with his usual brand of fiery wit, calling the audience any word in the sun and making sure his Plagiarists are fed enough bravado to plough through their legendary hit ‘Who’s Got the Ket’." - Brumnotes

"It is a noun used to describe the action of rolling forwards on the ground. It is often described as a 'forward roll' by the rest of the country. Brummies will often say 'gambowl' instead of 'forward roll' and very few people outside of the city seem to understand this term." - UrbanDictionary

Shaun Gambowl Walsh is not just the voice of a generation, but the voice of two generations.