Time EP Ltd Edition CD - Shane Beales

Time EP Ltd Edition CD

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Limited edition CD of Shane Beales' Time EP presented in full colour card lancing packaging.

A song about the moon. A song about a miss. A song about a tragedy. A song about the next day.

Blackbird Signals Time P R S M

Recorded at Mind Motion Music/Ramport Studios, Music of the Clouds studios and various bedrooms around East London.

Featuring: Jack Stevens (Bass) James Daniel Harrison (guitar) Phil Martin (drums) Jay Sikora (production and mixing) Sam Bullard (woodwind) Laurence Davies (french horn) Ewan David Eason (BV’s) Rob Adediran (BV’s, trumpet) Dave Hendra (BV’s, synth) Juan Luis Ayala (engineering and studio) Jon Mann-Smith (percussion & acoustic additional recording) David James Pilcher (monster analogue synth man) James Lewis @ Studio 27a (mix studio and support Mike Cave @ Loft Mastering (Mastering) Katriona Beales (Cover Photography) Jon Lockhart (Cover Design) Ewan David Eason (CD Layout) © 2014 Shane Beales