New Release: T>I & Saxxon - Sundown EP

T>I and Saxxon combine forces and team up with foundation label Serial Killaz to bring you one hell of a throwback EP. These highly anticipated battle weapons have been waiting for the exact time to launch and that time is now..

The title track ‘Sundown’ and ‘11:55’ have a ton of funk injected into them and no doubt take inspiration from the many big tunes of the golden era of jump up. This is a big bonus and certainly not one single fog horn in earshot.

From the immense mid 90’s vibes of ‘Tracker’ to ‘Silent Earth’ and it's a bucket load of wobble bass, this EP really does demonstrate both producers versatility on the buttons.

What you get here from both T>I and Saxxon is their history and roots wrapped up into one tidy package and who better than to represent them than the Serial Killaz label. A junglist match made by the bass bin.

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  • Artist: T>I & Saxxon
  • Release: Sundown EP
  • Label: Serial Killaz
  • Catalogue: KILLAZ056DIG
  • Press Release: Dubplate Creative

Tracks: 1. Sundown 1. Tracker 1. 11.55 1. Silent Earth

New Release: Masker - Fully Armed EP

No stranger to shelling down raves and studio sessions alike, Masker is back with a crate of rounds, C4 and juggernaut suits to blow the bloody doors off. Already a firm favourite with the Serial Killaz camp and having released previously via the Mixtape Series, it’s no surprise he’s back at it with his debut EP.

‘Every Ting’ hasn’t left virtual boxes since it landed on dub and with its moody, rolling bassline and instant appeal to double drop it with everything in the same key range, it’s not going near the trash can in a hurry. Dripping in Moschino, sticking to corners and grabbing you when you least expect it.

‘Jungle Lick’ follows suit but in a very ‘95 flavour, another reason why the diverse style of Masker’s production has fallen so well with the label. Atmospheric vibes a run with ‘Hush’ and certainly not one you want to fall into any K hole to. It's horror presence would freak out the dance like nobody's business so it’s probably a good idea to shout the lighting technician to reach for the bright lights.

‘Harmonic Drones’ is a growler with attitude and nothing less. Cooking up some trouble in his studio has led to Masker lashing down all kinds of filth with this and it’s another fine part of this EP that fits the title perfectly.

Title track business ends the EP and ‘Fully Armed’ fills your speaker box full of colour, flooding those all important Serial Killaz vibes from ear to ear. A clever mix from Masker with elements of both his moody, sublow style and good vibes. It’s like a bastard lovechild of good versus evil. Nasty yet satisfying regardless of the dance you’re dropping it at.

Bun it down.

Artist: Masker Release Date: 06/09/2019 Label: Serial Killaz Press Release: Dubplate Creative

New Release: Exile & Mark XTC - New Skool EP

Mark XTC and Exile have been destroying speaker boxes for years and have certainly produced an anthem or two in the process. Stick that acid face back on and flash up your lighter as this wicked collection of tracks certainly combines the best of old and new. Rinse out!

‘Take Me Away’ comes fully correct with a combination of mid 90’s happy hardcore vocals and gritty, bass notes. Who would have thought the flip of ‘Six Days’ would be creating a storm all over again but in a totally different format? One thing is for sure - it works and does a fine job of crossing a relatively unexplored crossbreed.

The microphone champion GQ provided his calm and collected vocal ability on ‘Instinct’. An intimidating trip through vocal led breaks and nasty bass that instinctively causes front to back head movements. One for the corner shufflers.

Remember The X? How about the label Jump Up? Fear not as ‘New Dawn’ gets a well respected relick with 2019 drums, wonky pitch shifted bass and those silky smooth vocals you may well know and love. One to pull up a second time!

It’s 6am and the lights are on, what do you do? Drop ‘New Skool’ for starters and watch the sea of wide eye ravers spring back to life. This end track to the EP is nothing short of a secret weapon, causing speakers to self combust and the latest pair of Air Max to shred into thin air.

Bag a copy here.

Words: Jamie 23

New Release: DJ Hybrid - Battle Skillz

DJ Hybrid and friends present a swift roundhouse to the back of the neck with ‘Battle Skillz’, a full on attack to the nervous system delivered by Serial Killaz.

Immerse yourself in frontal assault as the title track delivers 50,000 watts of damage. The simplistic breakbeat combination synchronises effortlessly with gnarly bass notes, reloading glocks and rough and tough vocal snippets. Steppas rejoice as this is exactly what you have been waiting for!

Hybrid links with Replicant for ‘Tell You’ - a tonal affair of bass reverb, dreamy pads and elements of ‘94 jungle that wasn’t be a miss at your local warehouse rave. Battling with sleep deprivation is certainly a cause for concern and ‘Insomnia’ drives these issues home by way of a ton of sonic twists and turns, bassline risers and sneaky breakbeats.

Altering your sense of direction in the form of ‘Push’. An off key, out of step beast that would certainly fit with the original 3 beat style. Experimental to the core and a tough beast to tame. ‘Watch This’ delivers a special treat in the form of real low end sub bass carefully wrapped around Serial Killaz style vocal stabs, delay soaked keys and Bristol influenced beats.

My Selecta finishes off the battle alongside DJ Hybrid for a final round of trap influenced snare hits that will no doubt cause an influx of head nodding, side shaking and brain vibrating motions. It’s pitch bent low end provided an additional blow to the skull. Finish him.

Bag a copy via the store on release.

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

New Release: Nectax - Paradox EP

Hailing from Newcastle and sticking directly to the Serial Killaz deep roots, Nectax delivers a fine slice of everything you would expect from this legendary label. ‘Paradox EP’ is a fine mashup of both classic and upfront styles with a firm nod to Nectax’s many influences. Heads from all all eras and all walks of life will appreciate the style and selection.

From the silky jungle flavours of ‘Paradox’ to the experimental building blocks of ‘Greedo’, Nectax delivers a audio journey of stretched and rolled breakbeats, proper sublow basslines and punchy vocal stabs and melodies. Memories of Jungle Splash may well come flooding back here, maybe even that moody basement party circa ‘95 with 500 sweaty ravers!

‘Hologram’ really is a true representation of lazers licking off shots through a haze driven dance floor. Forgot Co2 cannons if you’re dropping this one as it’s all about the attitude - stick your head down and shuffle. A dynamic switch in the form of ‘Dice’ which is no doubt a true building shaker! Rumbling jungle basslines accompany skippy breakbeats and crashing drum loops which drive the vibes hard. ‘One More Sunset’ brings proceedings to a close with its flexed out rolling stance and melodic vibes. A fine end to a superb collection of tunes.

Jungle music has always been about vibes and feelings, both of which Nectax captures effortlessly here. Watch the ride!

Pick up a copy via the store.

Press Release: Jamie S23

New Release: Veak - Amen Adventures

Killa Dubz, Serial Killaz authentic offshoot continues to deliver brash, jungle beats and in true form follows up Java’s ‘Original Ruffneck’ with longtime label veteran Veak and his amazing EP ‘Amen Adventures’. Lighters and gas cans at the ready, this is another blazing delivery.

Veak chooses elements wisely with ‘Bad Load’. A well known vocal hook, oozing with passion and enthusiasm compliments the crushing breakbeats as if this could well have been an official flipside. If this doesn’t cause a surge of brocking out junglists, nothing will!

‘Badman Killa Sound’ revisits the tried and tested formula of tight echo and high pass filters layered to perfection over Amen mashed up breaks. This one is as ruffneck as they come and would certainly have been at home inna war in ‘94 let alone busting up a dance in 2019.

Flipping the script in true Veak style with the likes of ‘Bongo’ and ‘Never Leave’. Two very dangerous tracks filled with underground sublow basslines and murkey beats that will no doubt appeal to the corner lurkers.

Further chopped up breaks compliment this release and with a distinct Serial Killaz style and flavour, fans of the label will not be dissapointed.

Veak didn’t title this EP ‘Amen Adventures’ for no reasons and with a total of 10 mashed up breakbeat destroyers in the bag, this release is set to cause flames wherever it’s dropped.

Pick up a copy via the store.

Press Release: Jamie S23

New Release: Mozey - Back to Funk

Junglists worldwide rejoice as now is your time to pick up the full package from Mozey as ‘Back to Funk’ hits the digital shelves. A 5 track onslaught of the senses and certainly something for everyone as jungle meets jump up for 2019.

The title track ‘Back to Funk’ certainly lives up to expectations with its staggered bass notes that fire off all over the place, rebounding off walls and taking heads with them. The same can also be said for ‘Your Imagination’ which is straight up murderation, taking no prisoners with its militant tones. A true steppa if you ever heard one!

A Serial Killaz release wouldn’t be authentic without a splash of reggae influenced jungle and ‘Greetings’ doesn’t disappoint. Licking summertime vibes across the dance floor before dropping into a murky, twisted combination of growling rumblings.

Downtempo vibes a run as Mozey links with veterans of the scene, The Ragga Twins, in the form of ‘Tribal Killaz’. A combination of hard step, kick drum led beats laced with lyrical flavours that only the twins could bring to a track.

Leaving you with nothing short of grimace in the form of ‘Screwface’. A sign off combining a locked jaw, red pupils and 10,000 shuffles in a pair of Reebok Classics. One of the rudebwoy crew.

Check the shop to bag a copy.

Press Release: Jamie S2

New Release: Java - Original Ruffneck EP

Jungle, in its rawest format is certainly not about a kick, snare, kick and a floppy bassline. You can forget this one note bassline nonsense too. Java has obviously answered the call to educate the masses and quite rightly linked up with Serial Killaz to put together this amazing EP for their Killa Dubz imprint. ‘Original Ruffneck’ is coming to conquer, taking down all pretenders in the process.

Metallic timestretched vocals straight out of an Akai sampler, mashed up Amens in abundance and a ton of ragga infused vocals all mix perfectly together to provide one hell of a time warp back to 1993. You can forget your ‘94 or ‘96 influences as this really is a trip back to Dance Trance, The Edge or Love of Life and a real education in how to produce jungle in 2018.

Authentic to the core and with certification from both Graham and Tobie, this EP sits in high regards. It also needs to sit at the top of your Serato crate, don’t sleep on this.

Exclusive to the Serial Killaz shop for one week prior to general release. - Format: WAV - Artist: Java - Title: Original Ruffneck EP - Label: Killadubz Recordings - Catalogue: KILLADUBZ010DIG - Release Date: 14th December 2018 - Words: Jamie S23

New Release: Steppa Style & Lowriderz - Underwater

Lowriderz, fresh out of the jungle war comes another heavy slab of unfiltered breakbeat goodness in the form of the ‘Underwater EP’. Featuring the vocals of Russian Dancehall and Reggae MC, Steppa Style, this is another wicked release from the Serial Killaz offshoot label Street Life which once again shows how dedicated these guys are to authenticity.

Lead vocals from the one like Steppa Style kickstart proceedings straight away featuring one hell of a catchy hook that will have crowds chanting for days. ‘Underwater’ is a direct onslaught on the senses with a ton of mashed up breakbeats, dub effects and a short ranged lead bassline that bangs.

‘Eva Load’ delivers some real lyrically education. A great feel good message, excellent double timing all wrapped up in glossy production that this dynamic duo are well known for.

Reminiscent of ‘94 yet as upfront as you could possibly wish for. Street Life and its artists really are a winning combination for die hard junglists of all ages.

Upfront copies exclusively available on the Serial Killaz shop for one week before general release!

  • Format: WAV
  • Artist: Steppa Style & Lowriderz
  • Title: Underwater
  • Label: Streetlife Recordings
  • Catalogue: STREETLIFE016DIG
  • Release Date: 7th December 2018
  • Words: Jamie S23

Soundcloud | Facebook | Youtube

YouTube | Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

New Release: AJ Mutated - Uneasy EP

AJ Mutated, one half of the popular duo Mutated Forms, sets his sights on the Serial Killaz imprint to launch his ‘Uneasy’ EP. A clear choice of label considering the style of fashion of the content. This is a rare selection of jungle breakbeats, hard as nails sublow bass and some wicked lyrics from the one like MC Busta. Rough to the core!

‘Uneasy’ certainly is just that. From it’s precisely filtered out breakbeat intro that delicately flows into a drop it’s total opposite that sets the pace and tone for the EP immediately. Vicious digital bass notes connect almost effortlessly with rolling undertones and short but snappy snare claps. You’re also treated to an extended breakdown halfway through, just for that extra breather. Right?

Wonky, off pitch keys lead straight into ‘Swerve’. A proper dedication to a messy night if you ever heard one. The brain melting synchronisation will either have you reaching for the lazers or camping next to the corner of the bassbin stack.

‘Petty Boulevard’ knocks on the experimental production door with alien like sub bass that would rip through wooden dance floors like a knife through butter. Old school hardcore heads will no doubt appreciate the cleverly adapted samples in this belter!

A ‘PHD In Junglism’ you say? That’s no doubt reserved for the likes of Serial Killaz themselves no? MC Busta would certainly have something to say about that and this killer track which is totally lyrically led is sure to be one of the biggest hits of the year for any self respecting junglist.

Licking off the EP with nothing short of the brutal ‘Pipe Dreams’. A solid head stomper of a riddim that knocks off any preconceptions anyone might have had about AJ Mutated going soft after all these years.

A certified roughneck EP. No further comment.

Upfront copies exclusively available on the Serial Killaz shop for one week before general release!

  • Format: WAV
  • Artist: AJ Mutated
  • Title: Uneasy EP
  • Label: Serial Killaz Recordings
  • Catalogue: KILLAZ047DIG
  • Release Date: 30th November 2018
  • Words: Jamie S23

AJ MUTATED ONLINE Soundcloud | Facebook

YouTube | Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

New Release: Leaf - Night Time Vultures EP

Leaf makes a welcome return to the Serial Killaz label with a 6 track monster from the depths of doom in the form of ‘Night Time Vultures’. A true mix of atmospheric beats, darkside basslines and a huge slice of jump up vibes. No stranger to the label and with a host of previous releases, it’s no wonder he’s been welcomed back with open arms.

The growling menace that is ‘Night Time Vultures’ barks its angry bassline continuously in true Leaf fashion. Combine this with some clever use of vocal samples, chuck in some skippy hats and you have yourself a well created weapon of destruction.

‘Dodgy Dealers’ takes even more of a darkside stance than its predecessor with it’s robotic, almost machine like structure. If anything created by Leaf was a trip into his mind, this one would probably be it.

Linking up with Too Greezey for ‘Lower Down’ which contains one of the roughest snare slaps known to man. It’s drum programming really rolls this track along at a considerable pace and when you link in some of the other elements, it’s one certified riddim of terror.

‘Gangsta’ features a certain well renowned Mad P sample that’s cemented into the history books of jungle music. It’s a clever refix (as such) that does well to represent its origins whilst creating something completely different. One for the lighter crew - go on, dig them out - that gas ain’t expensive.

Coming to the end of the dancefloor vibes with ‘Sidewobble’ which, in some respects is pretty self explanatory. This track will no doubt hit the spot for the crew that love to ride that twisted bassline vibe. Short and snappy reversed low end that will take down even the biggest of sound systems.

Ending this wicked collection of tracks with ‘Air’, a relaxed trip into the unknown that shows Leaf’s opposite side. One hell of a chilled out vibe that will appeal to the Sunday morning crew coming home on the motorway.

Upfront copies exclusively available on the Serial Killaz shop for one week before general release!

  • Format: WAV
  • Artist: Leaf
  • Title: Night Time Vultures EP
  • Label: Serial Killaz Recordings
  • Catalogue: KILLAZ046DIG
  • Release Date: 16th November 2018
  • Words: Jamie S23

LEAF ONLINE Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

YouTube | Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

Press Contact:
LIKE THIS RELEASE? TWEET US: @Leafdnb @SerialKillaz & @OTRPromotions

New Release: DJ Vapour - Kingston Jungle EP

DJ Vapour continues to steamroll his jungle train across the globe in an attempt to educate the masses as to what REAL jungle should sound like. The ‘Kingston Jungle’ EP is nothing short of a flagship for this conquest and what better home than Serial Killaz’ sister label Killa Dubz, with it’s 100% dedication to the foundation of the Jungle sound.

From the rough and ready breakbeats of ‘Damage Your Sound’ to the rhythmic flow of ‘Back To Skool’, it’s clear this EP was a labour of love for Vapour. It’s about an authentic as you’re going to get in 2018 and bearing in mind the true jungle sound is about 25 years old now so both times and equipment have changed dramatically.

‘B Boy Style’ features a great selection of vocal and riff samples that would have really been at home on a Jungle Mania compilation, it’s slick production and arrangement shines heads and shoulders above any imitation jungle tat that’s been doing the rounds. Fans of mashed up to the point of unrecognition Amen breaks will probably love ‘The Devil’s Lettuce’. It’s unapologetic rave influenced stabs lick the walls of every grimy basement across London and stick to it like a ton of trodden in chewing gum.

An impressive selection of tracks from one of jungles veteran producers who sadly sometimes goes a bit too far under the radar. Underrated and probably underappreciated, Vapour is relentless in his quest for authenticity - and why not?

Upfront copies exclusively available on the Serial Killaz shop for one week before general release!

Format: WAV Label: Killa Dubz Title: Kingston Jungle EP Catalogue: KILLADUBZ009DIG Artist: DJ Vapour Words: Jamie S23 Release Date: 2nd November 2018

YouTube | Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

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