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Live recordings from Satyaa and Pari

Live recordings from Satyaa and Pari with various musician-friends, during their legendary New Year Mantra Celebrations held in South Germany at the “Jonathan Seminar Center”, near the lake of Chiemsee. These gatherings have been their winter highlight and every year they meet there for a feast of chanting, yoga, satsang and various other celebrations. Along with some of their “classic mantra songs” like “Sitaram Radheshyam”, “Om Poornam”, “Om Namah Shivaya” and others, some previously unreleased songs like “Loving Awareness” or “God is the flower” are featured. A live-musical journey through various landscapes of devotion, from the softness and quiet- ness of the valleys to the heights of ecstasy.

Live-Aufnahmen von Satyaa und Pari

Live-Aufnahmen von Satyaa und Pari mit verschiedenen Musikerfreunden während ihrer legendären Neujahrs-Mantra-Feierlichkeiten in Süddeutschland im 'Jonathan Seminar Center' in der Nähe des Chiemsees. Diese Zusammenkünfte sind ihre Winterhighlights und am Ende jedes Jahres treffen sie sich dort zu einem Festmahl aus Gesang, Yoga, Satsang und verschiedenen anderen Festen. Neben einigen ihrer klassischen Mantra-Songs wie 'Sitaram Radheshyam', 'Om Poornam', 'Om Namah Shivay' und anderen gibt es auch bisher unveröffentlichte Songs wie 'Loving Awareness' oder 'God is the Flower'. Eine live-musikalische Reise durch verschiedene Landschaften der Hingabe, von der Weichheit und Stille der Täler bis zu den Höhen der Ekstase.

Produced by: Satyaa & Pari & Rishi Executive producer: Pari


  1. Adi Shakti (10:04)
  2. Om Poornam (9:31)
  3. Loving Awareness (6:31)
  4. Sitaram Radheshyam (9:44)
  5. Om Namah Shivaya (2:37)
  6. Guru (6:20)
  7. Always with you (7:51)
  8. Hare Rama Hare (7:02)
  9. God is the flower (2:51)
  10. Om Namoh Bhagavate (8:34)


The musicians featured on this live-album are Praful on bansuri flute, Hans Christian on cello, Chint- an on the bass, Ananda on the e-guitar, Veetkam and Babek on percussions, Manish Vyas on tablas. Recorded live at “Seminarhaus Jonathan” during New Year Mantra Celebration 2016 – 2020 Edited and mixed by Chintan in Munich · Mastered by Christoph Stickel in Vienna Cover Design by Sybille from Silenzio

Artist name:
Satyaa + Pari

Year released:

Satyaa + Pari

Artists Bio:
In the early 1990’s Satyaa, originally from Switzerland, and Pari, who is Greek, met in Lucknow, India at the sangha of Sri HWL Poonjaji. Papaji as he was lovingly called by his devotees, emphasized the importance of Bhakti, devotion, as a direct way to recognize God within ourselves. Both Satyaa and Pari were called to sing for Papaji, and in this way they were brought together and eventually married at the ashram with Papaji’s blessing.

Their mutual love for the Divine is expressed in Satyaa´s and Pari´s music which is mostly self-composed mantras and devotional songs, and also includes some beautiful traditional bhajans.

Satyaa and Pari share their music and their love at the Alexis Zorbas center in Corfu, Greece where they live in summer, and during the winter months at various yoga centers in Europe.

For more information ,visit the website of Satyaa & Pari and their center’s website: and