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Defining a new landmark

The release "121" defines a new landmark in the area of Mantra, Chant, Kirtan and music for Yoga! A cascade of symphonic creativity, it is uniting the Old with the New, East with West, leaving the listener touched by it´s musical honesty and Here and Now-ness. Fresh and daring, truly a masterpiece produced by well known danish producer Rishi in Copenhagen, contains a flow of seven brand new chant-songs, composed and performed by the internationally renowned Chant - and Mantra - duo Satyaa and Pari. Exquisitely arranged this album is sparkling from the first to the last song with divine rhythms and incredibly touching melodies from various instruments like tabla, harmonium, indian bamboo flute bansoori, guitars, western cello, violins, nyckelharpa and many others. Always hands on and rooted in that Grand Love "121" bridges the perennial meaning and spiritual message of ancient mantras and songs of devotions with contemporary beats and grooves - authentic, real and "One To One"!


  1. 121 - One to One 7:58
  2. Maha Lakshmi 9:15
  3. Mira´s Shiva Song 4:17
  4. In love with love 8:00
    05.In your Grace 8:48
  5. Always with You 6:53
  6. Jay Ganesha 9:43

Ihr neuestes und neuntes Album "121 " (One To One)

Vom ersten bis zum letzten Song ein Wasserfall neuer kreativer Mantra-Symphonien! Frisch und mutig kommt dieses neue Album daher, mit verzaubernden ins Herz treffenden Melodien, Klängen und Rhythmen. Ein Meisterwerk, welches das Herz aller Yogis und Musikliebhaber höher schlagen läßt! Inhaltilich fest verankert in Meditation,Yoga, Mantras, Kirtan und Satsang, schafft " 121 " der im Wort innewohnenden Kraft der Mantras eine neue Bedeutung zu geben und in kontemporärer Hier- und Jetzt-Heit zu übertragen. Ein Meilenstein und gleichzeitig ein Brückenkopf, verbindet dieses Album das Ufer der heutigen Musik, moderner Klänge und Rhythmen mit der ewig gültigen essentiellen Quelle des Yoga und der Mantren.

Artist name:
Satyaa + Pari

Year released:

Satyaa + Pari

Satyaa - vocals - harmonium
Pari - vocals - guitars
Mira - vocals

Artists Bio:
In the early 1990’s Satyaa, originally from Switzerland, and Pari, who is Greek, met in Lucknow, India at the sangha of Sri HWL Poonjaji. Papaji as he was lovingly called by his devotees, emphasized the importance of Bhakti, devotion, as a direct way to recognize God within ourselves. Both Satyaa and Pari were called to sing for Papaji, and in this way they were brought together and eventually married at the ashram with Papaji’s blessing.

Their mutual love for the Divine is expressed in Satyaa´s and Pari´s music which is mostly self-composed mantras and devotional songs, and also includes some beautiful traditional bhajans.

Satyaa and Pari share their music and their love at the Alexis Zorbas center in Corfu, Greece where they live in summer, and during the winter months at various yoga centers in Europe.

For more information ,visit the website of Satyaa & Pari and their center’s website: www.satyaa-pari.com and www.alexiszorbas.com