Aspirant Sunshadows - signed by Rick


"The third of the Aspirant Trilogy that was a genuine study of music and the effects it has on the human body and mind. Recorded after long discussions with the Manchester based professor of this subject, Cary Cooper, I made many experiments with sounds, tempos and musical design and tested the demos on all types of people from hyperactive children to elderly insomniacs and even with people who were terminally ill. The results were astonishing as the results all led back to a distinctive formula and that was what I then used for the trilogy of Aspirant Sunrise, Aspirant Sunset and Aspirant Sunshadows." ..


1 Thoughts Of Love
2 Gentle Breezes
3 Whispering Cornfields
4 Peaceful Beginnings 5 Dewy Morn
6 Musical Dreams
7 Distant Thoughts
8 The Dove
9 When Time Stood Still
10 Secret Moments
11 Peaceful

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