The Sidebar is one of the most popular features on Music Glue. It lets you highlight all your online channels and key products in one single place - your stunning profile. You can add an email sign up box, social media links, embed Spotify playlists, YouTube videos or promote your next tour, all within your Sidebar in just a few easy clicks.

Here’s a closer look at this handy tool and how you can use it in order to maximise your profile, turning it into a complete website.

Why you'll love the Sidebar feature:

  • Add an email sign up box to collect valuable email addresses and grow your fan base; every new subscriber will automatically appear in your mailing list.

  • Plus, we've just released our new Mailchimp App! Install this App and your fans will automatically be added to your Mailchimp list via the Mailing List widget, or by ticking the opt in box at checkout. You'll then be able to send them a personalised email, every time you have exciting news to share. Yeay!

  • Add links to; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud and more, to give your fans the full picture and increase your following.

  • Embed anything; Spotify playlists, SoundCloud streams, YouTube videos, Google Maps... to keep your fans on your profile and increase engagement.

  • Highlight new products and promote upcoming events on every page of your profile, to make sure your fans don't miss out.


How to build the Sidebar on your profile:

1. Login to your Music Glue account , or if you don’t yet have a free profile, click here to set one up today.

2. Click on Profile > Pages.

3. Under Sidebar, click on Add Widget and pick the one you would like to display on your profile.


The full list of Sidebar widgets include:

  • Mailing List: Embed an email sign up box.
  • Social Links: Add platform logos that link to your social accounts- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • YouTube: Highlight one or several of your videos. Your fans don't have to leave your profile to watch them.
  • Product : Select a featured product to promote on your sidebar.
  • Events: Promote your next live shows on every page of your profile to make sure your fans don't miss out.
  • Facebook: Embed your Facebook page and let fans like it, directly from your profile.
  • Twitter: Embed your Twitter live feed to display your latest tweets.
  • Text: Embed Spotify, SoundCloud, videos, insert HTML... Find out more on everything you can do with text boxes here.

Pro tip: Note that depending on the theme you're using, sidebar widgets can appear to the right or at the footer of your profile. Check our easy guides to Music Glue themes.

We all need a little help from our friends sometimes, and our support team are here to do just that. Email us on or say hi directly via the live chat pop up in the bottom right corner of the user-end.