Run Innovative Pre-order Campaigns

Running a pre-order campaign directly from your own website lets you secure some revenue early on while avoiding wasting money on overstocked inventory. It’s also the opportunity to promote your album earlier and if you're going on tour, upsell tickets with album pre-orders and merch. Music Glue allows you to create world-class, innovative pre-order campaigns selling physical and digital music and merchandise that count towards the charts.

  • An in-built one stop shop for all your music, tickets, merchandise and experiences.
  • Seamless checkout: sell multiple items, in one basket and one transaction.
  • Offer exclusive bundles to your fans e.g. Ticket + CD + T-shirt, to help drive sales.
  • Music is physical and digital chart eligible in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria and France.
  • Create a dedicated pre-order category in your store to make navigation easier.
  • Geo-lock sales of individual items to specific countries.
  • Create a fan-club and offer member-only access to pre-sales.
  • Self-fulfil or use our global fulfilment center.