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In our Profile Spotlight series, we celebrate the great work of Music Glue artists and their teams. We showcase their stunning websites and online stores that provide unique experiences for their fans. We go behind the scenes with the people who design and manage the websites and stores, as they share their inspiration, advice and ideas with the Music Glue community.

For this new spotlight, we spoke to Aussie troubadour Kim Churchill; his latest album Weight_Falls released back in August 2017 entered the Australian charts at #6, followed by a massive tour. He tells us how having his website and online store under one roof on Music Glue was central to the success of the album campaign.

Hey Kim, who built your website and online store on Music Glue and who manages the platform day to day?

Kim: My manager Chelsea worked with Anna Nicholson for the design of the website and store, and to be honest, Anna did a lot of the work here. I’ve put her contact details below in case anyone wants to look her up!

In terms of the day to day – there are loads of people using the store. My agents, promoters, tour managers and managers use it for ticketing all over the world. We can see in real time how many tickets we have sold so we don’t need to wait for reports.

I have merch fulfilment partners outside of Australia and domestically, my management team handles day to day fulfilment.

It’s pretty awesome that there is one platform that so many people can use.

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Why was Music Glue the platform of choice to build both your website and online store?

Kim: We wanted a platform that was artist and fan centric, where I could communicate with fans directly and they could have one place to buy tickets, merch and get information about what I was doing. It’s a simple and effective platform for me and my team to manage and it saves us a lot of energy having everything in one place.

It also has much lower booking fees than a lot of the other ticketing companies that we were considering.

Your website is so visually pleasing, how did you make it so aesthetic?

Kim: Thanks! I was lucky to work with the team at Storm Studios on my last two album designs. Their work is exceptionally striking and beautiful, I wanted to bring this to my website and have a consistency of themes, colours and images throughout all of the places that people can find me.

How have you used Music Glue for the campaign?

Kim: We’ve done a number of pretty interesting and unique campaigns around album release. We offered bundles, tickets and some unique merch lines in the store.

We also did a week of busking around the country – and were able to combine the powers of social media and the website to announce where we would be heading to each day – which we did each morning using the news section of the website.

We could essentially incorporate all of the traditional functions of a website with the power of social media and a mailing list, and used the Facebook pixel tracking feature in the back end to track the effectiveness of our campaigns.

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What would be your top advice to the Music Glue community?

Kim: Music Glue allows artists to be unique and tailor their site and store in a way that suits them artistically. The functionality and freedom is there to have a unique site that functions in a really simple way. It’s easy to get creative and have fun things that suit your fans – so be creative and unique!

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Anna is a Sydney based online specialist with a love for music of all kinds and genres. She has worked with hundreds of Music Glue artists, labels and companies to build exciting campaigns and websites or web stores. When she’s not helping bands enhance their online presence and sales she can usually be found at a gig or cheering for whichever sports teams are doing sporting things. To see how Anna can help or for more examples of her work, get in touch at:

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