Profile spotlight: #1 Dan Croll

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In this new series, we celebrate the great work that Music Glue artists and their team put into creating stunning websites and online stores to provide unique experiences for their fans. We go behind the scenes with the people who design and manage them, as they share their inspiration, advice and ideas with the Music Glue community.

For our first Profile of the Month, we sat down with Jack Saunders, part of Dan Croll's management team at TRIBE, to take a closer look at the artist’s website, fully hosted on Music Glue.

Hi Jack! So tell us, who in the team contributed to Dan Croll’s website and store?

Jack: I lead on the design and build of the store in collaboration with our designer Franz Jeitz.

Why was Music Glue your platform of choice to build both the website and the store?

Jack: Providing a direct to fan platform for our artists is so important to ensure we’re able to build and maintain a strong connection with the fans. We’ve always chosen to work with Music Glue because of the wide range of great tools that are so easy to use and available all in one place. It’s also super customisable which means we can make it fit with the aesthetic needed for any of our artists while being able to manage all aspects of merchandise and ticket sales in one space.

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Can you take users briefly through the process of creating Dan Croll’s website? Context, concept, inspiration behind the styling, objectives, ...

Jack: First we worked out what the main objectives of the site were in order to determine its main functions; we wanted to direct people clearly to our two main messages: album pre-orders/purchases and ticket sales, while also being able to offer exclusive merchandise bundles.

We then built the aesthetic to match his album visuals around these functions; this tied everything together while keeping the site simple and easy to navigate.

Franz used the custom CSS feature to edit lots of the small details in the site and got it looking exactly as we wanted.

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What would your top advice for the Music Glue community be?

Jack: There are great new features released regularly on Music Glue, so make sure you keep up-to-speed on these and take advantage of them. Don’t be afraid to experiment with design options and try things that haven’t been created on the platform so far – there’s a lot more you can do outside of the original templates!

Top tips:

  • Your Music Glue profile supports GIF, so get creative! Check out the Image Galleries tutorial to find out more.
  • Dan Croll uses the Helvetica Neue font, but you can choose from 847 Google font families in the Music Glue Designer.
  • You can embed anything on your profile: Spotify playlists, Youtube or Vimeo videos... Learn how in the Embeds tutorial

Check out Dan Croll's website.

Need a little extra help to make your Music Glue profile look exactly as you like? Get to know Franz Jeitz who designed Dan's website on the platform.

Franz is a London-based, Luxembourg-born, graphic designer with a passion for music. He's been in charge of the day-to-day designs for Communion Music since 2009. This has lead him to work across a multitude of campaigns such as Bushstock Festival, Lucy Rose's 'Something's Changing' album campaign and on most of Bear's Den's live and record campaigns over the years. Lately Franz has been getting into hand-lettering and calligraphy, a skill set which he used to design the logo for The Amazons and create merch for The Staves. After hours you're most likely to find him at a gig.

See more of Franz's work on his website or check out his Instagram.

Get in touch: Franz Jeitz at