Make the most of the holiday season online

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The holiday season is just around the corner and brings along many opportunities to engage with your fans. Here, we've gathered a few ideas to make the most of your Music Glue website or store, connect with your audience and increase sales:

  • Create special offers with a discount code to incentivise your fans to purchase direct from you
  • Embed a Christmas playlist. Everyone loves a Christmas playlist
  • Set up exclusive bundles that will look great under the Christmas tree
  • Design Print on Demand festive t-shirts to wear on Christmas day
  • Sell Experiences: how about an couple hours of ice skating with your biggest fan? Or a festive meeting with some mulled wine for those less confident on ice...

One of our office favourite for the holidays is the Print on Demand App. We love seeing you get creative for your fans!

With Print on Demand, you can create new t-shirt products in your store without having to worry about cost, stock or even packaging.

It is super easy to set up in your store with the artwork of your choice. There is no stock purchase or fulfilment required - just money straight in your pocket and unique t-shirts on your fans.

This feature is available to sell black and white t-shirts through Music Glue across the UK, USA and Australia.

Want to know more? Watch the tutorial below to find out all you need to know about Print on Demand and how to get started.

We'd love to hear how you make the most of the holiday season online; Let us know tagging @musicglue on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!