An image is worth a thousand words... on Music Glue, you can create beautiful galleries to share gig photos with your fans, illustrate your latest blog or unveil new album artwork.

Two types of galleries are available, grid and slideshow. Check out these examples...


Take a look at how these awesome artists are already using the Galleries feature: JUDAS, The Raven Age, Jebediah.

##How To create a gallery on your profile:

1. Log into your Music Glue account or if you haven’t already, create a free account today.

2. Go to the Profile tab and select Galleries.

3. Click on New Gallery at the top left hand of the page.

4. In Gallery Settings, choose whether you want a grid or a slideshow.

For a Grid gallery, you can choose how many columns you want to display. This is based on a desktop view. On mobile, the number of columns might be automatically adjusted to allow for the best user experience.

For a Slideshow gallery, choose how many seconds you want each image to display.

You can also name your gallery for your own reference; this will only be visible to you.

5. Click Create once you’re done to start adding pictures.

6. To add pictures, click the '+' sign and choose an image from your computer.

7. You can name each image and add a link if you want your pictures to click through to another place on your profile or elsewhere.

8. To reorder your gallery, simply drag and drop images.

Tip #1: If you don't insert links to gallery images, they'll open up full size in another tab. If you don't want your images to be clickable at all, add a '#' in the link box.

Tip #2: Galleries support GIFs, so get creative!

##Embed the gallery on your profile

Once you have created your gallery, you’ll see a short code box appear. Using this code, you can embed your gallery onto any text page or blog post on your profile.

Copy the short code and paste it in the box of a text page (as per picture) or blog post where you want it to appear.

Tip: If you re-order, add or remove images in your gallery, it will automatically be updated everywhere you have embedded it on your profile.

Your turn! Login and create your own gallery

We all need a little help from our friends sometimes, and our support team are here to help. Email us on or say hi directly via the live chat pop up in the bottom right corner of your account.