Engage Fans and Make Money: All in one store

We can help you sell anything, to anyone, anywhere in the world, on any device, at any price, in any currency, in any language- that's right! Whether it’s tickets, merchandise, physical & digital products, experiences or bundles of all of these items, Music Glue can make it happen for you.

  • Create a one-stop-shop for all your music, tickets, merchandise and experiences.
  • Seamless checkout: sell multiple items, in one basket and one transaction.
  • Offer exclusive bundles to your fans e.g. Ticket + CD + T-shirt, to help drive sales.
  • Run crowdfunding or pre-order campaigns to finance a next album or tour.
  • Music is physical and digital chart eligible in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria and France.
  • Geo-lock sales of individual items to specific countries.
  • Create a fan club to reward your most loyal fans.
  • Over 25 languages and currencies are available.
  • Self-fulfil or use our global fulfilment centres.
  • Fast, secure and fully mobile friendly user experience for fans.
  • Paypal and all credit cards are accepted.
  • We take 10% commission on sales only. If you never sell anything, we never charge anything.