DIY MUSIC PR – 5 tips to make a splash online

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An effective PR campaign is key to getting your music in front of more fans and industry. The good news is: there’s a lot you can do yourself as an artist or manager. It might take time and effort, but with the right strategy and tools, you can run a successful DIY PR campaign… for free.

Here are 5 pointers to help you get started.

1.Create a stunning EPK on your website

Your website is the best place to host your Electronic Press Kit, with the following information available in one place:

  • A concise biography that tells your story
  • Recent high resolution press photos
  • Your best tracks available to listen to
  • Social media links

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2. Find the right blogs & contact their writers

You need to build yourself a contact base of blogs and publications to target.

The Hype Machine is a good place to start: it lists all its music blogs and classifies them by genre so you can decide on the appropriate ones for your music.

Then look for the contact details on each to create a master list; this can be a lengthy process but it’ll save you a lot of time for future campaigns. Midination have done a lot of the ground work with their list of 100 music blogs to submit your music to.

When time comes to reaching out, keep your emails short and sweet as bloggers and journalists get thousands of them each day. Most importantly, do your research and be specific about who you’re emailing: what genre do they usually write about, what’s their style, where are they based… Tailor your content to build a genuine relationship. Everyone likes to feel special.

Our advice? Start local because it’s not all about the big cities. Focusing on local press can be very effective for building momentum. Regional PR will increase footfall to your local live shows and build your fanbase.

3. Be different

How do you stand out?

We live in a visual world so your aesthetic needs to be spot on; everyone loves being drawn in by beautiful design. Create your own original visual identity to immerse people in your world from the first click- make sure it always complements your music, brand and story.

4. Tidy your social media

Keep the social platforms you choose to link to up to date. If bloggers see that you already have a following that is excited about you- even small, it’ll be easier for them to get excited about you too.

And when you do get the coveted PR coverage, be sure to share it on socials; show you’re grateful for the support by linking back to the blog. Writers will be more likely to feature you again!

5. Be patient

It takes a lot of no’s to get a yes so don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t give up. Start small and don't expect your music to be everywhere within a month. If you think a publication is perfect for you but don’t hear back, it’s ok to chase a lot as long as you stay relevant: add a new track, music video... it’s all about story telling.

Now over to you, and good luck with your releases!

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