Music Glue seeks to empower artists on a global level

First published 28/05/2015

In the hot seat with Larry Leblanc

As the music industry has struggled to keep music sales up while seeing revenues dwindle, year-end death knells of the music industry have sounded frequently over the years.

With digital music now showing robust growth, and with inherent ways to monetize musical content continuing to grow, the music industry is on a firmer footing following years of decline.

Online music outlets, including download stores, on-demand and cloud-based streaming services, video-sharing sites, and Internet radio, all revolutionized consumer choice for music while on-demand subscription services expanding and linking with new partners continues to lead to greater fan interaction.

As the number of devices and delivery methods for digital music continues to evolve, artists have found that they must increasingly adapt to this convoluted digital world, and figure out how to sustain themselves.

Taking central stage may be Music Glue which seeks to empower those artists on a global level in all sectors of their careers.

Founded in 2007 by former New Zealand musician Mark Meharry, Music Glue was created as a means for musicians, promoters and venues to maximize revenue.

With an innovative re-boot in 2013 in which Music Glue introduced an e-commerce direct fan servicing platform, the company now allows artists, promoters and venues worldwide to sell music, tickets and merchandise directly to fans.

To date, headquartered in London, with offices in New York City, and Sydney Australia, Music Glue has some 15,000 users worldwide, and has been praised by the likes of Mumford and Sons, one of the first bands to use its services.

With a degree in architecture from Auckland University in New Zealand, and a background in management consultancy specializing in telecoms, Meharry emigrated to London, England in 1999 to manage Y2K projects.

Meharry first stepped into the music retail marketplace after launching Barking Spiders, a technology consultancy company which worked with the likes of The Great Escape, The Barfly, Passport back to the Bars & Blueprint Media including the Robbie Williams store.

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