Artist of the week: Max Cooper

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Exploring the intersection of science, music and art, Max Cooper has carved a unique position for himself. The computational biologist-turned-electronic music producer earned his PhD from Nottingham University and worked as a genetics researcher with a penchant for late-night DJing before ultimately deciding to pursue music full-time. His work is clever, atypical and almost hypnotizing: the combination of shimmering electronic ambiance, complex yet melodic techno and fine art sound design creates a unique experience.

Currently on the Mesh Live audio-visual tour showcasing a tailored event to each location, Max Cooper has revealed a new 4-track EP, World Passing By. The audio-visual project is planned for release on 24th November on Mesh, the label he's founded in 2016 to create projects which combine music with wider ideas in the arts and sciences.

For this project, Max Cooper was directly influenced by varying interpretations of time and features poetic, intense and distorted sounds accompanied by stunning visuals.

World Passing By is available to pre-order now from Max Cooper's official store on Music Glue.

Max Cooper's official store on Music Glue

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