Are you releasing new music in 2018?

Selling direct to fan is a tried and tested way to connect with your audience globally and drive additional revenue. One of the best strategies to do so is running a pre-order campaign directly from your own website: it gives you the security to know how many items you've sold before they're produced, lets you promote your album earlier and if you're going on tour, upsell tickets with pre-order albums and merch.

We know you’re busy writing, recording, mixing, mastering and rehearsing. The good news is, setting up an engaging pre-order campaign is very quick on Music Glue.

Get your campaign live with these three easy steps:

1- Re-fresh your store design

If your store is already looking great, jump to section 2! If you want to revive it with new campaign visuals however, it's very easy to do so. All you need is a background image and a logo. Every other aspect of your store: font, colour, number of product columns, number of products per page, product grid spacing... can all be adjusted from the Designer App. To update your store design, login and go to Profile > Designer.

Our top tip: Why not test a different theme? Login and head to the theme store for inspiration.

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2- Add pre-order products to your store

Get your artwork ready, think of amazing products for your merch range and start your pre-order campaign. This will get your fans excited and secure some revenue early on while also avoiding wasting money on overstocked inventory.

Login and head to Products > Catalogue > New Product. Then add your CD, vinyl, download and new merch products to your catalogue and click on "pre-sale" before publishing each product. Watch this handy step by step tutorial here to get started.

Our top tip: Make sure you shout loud and clear about your pre-order on your social channels and newsletter. You'll make your fans' day!

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3- Bundle it up

Bundling is one of our artists’ most successful strategies to significantly increase their income. Did you know 1 in 2 fans buying a pre-order from an artist on Music Glue also buys another item? Choose to offer exclusive item combinations or apply a discount on bundled products. Fans love it.

To start creating bundles, watch our tutorial video here.

Our top tip: Create bundles available exclusively during your pre-order campaign to build anticipation amongst your fans and increase sales early.

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4- Share your pre-order link out on socials and in your newsletter!

Ok, that's 4 steps now... But it's a very important one! Make sure your fans are aware and excited about your new material coming out, and let us know too @musicglue, we'll share!

Do you have questions, need help or simply want to say hi? We're here to share advice and best practices every step of the way, so feel free to get in touch in the form below and we'll get back to you.