Artist of the week: TUSKS

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You’ll recognise our Artist of The Week, Tusks, from the Artist Stories we did with her last year.

Tusks - aka Emily Underhill - is a producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Hastings, UK. Her music could be described as volatile, intimate and ambitious: the combination of reverberating guitars, shattering electronics and soft yet sophisticated voices creates a dreamy feeling of unreality.

Already well established within the UK’s indie pop scene, Tusks will release her debut album Dissolve on 13th October via One Little Indian Records, also home to Icelandic legend Bjork. The lead single Dissolve is a powerful ballad giving us a good introduction to the singularity of Underhill’s artistry.

Check out Tusks' official store full of exclusive music and merch bundles.

Tusks' official store on Music Glue

Catch Tusks at Kamio in London on 15th November. Tickets are available from her official store on Music Glue.

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