Our friends at Awesome Merchandise are... awesome! In this blog, they've shared with us their best advice to master your band merch, whether it be the colour of the t-shirts you’re selling to the importance of stock checking. Plus, look out for some extra Music Glue tips on how to sell your products and examples. For the original article click here.

Although it is indisputably cool to see someone walk by with your band name proudly emblazoned across their t-shirt, band merch is much more than a vanity project.

As well as acting as walking advertising, if done right, merch is a primary source of income for start out and established bands. Custom t-shirts, totes, lighters or even branded bum bags are more than just a novelty they’re an extremely viable source of revenue.

1. Spend money to make money

Deciding to spend money on merch can seem like a daunting prospect, but if done right you will start to see a rewarding return on your investment. For example, a run of 50 of our Gildan Heavy t-shirts with your band’s one colour print on has a unit price of just £3.90. However, the RRP for the finished garment once it reaches you is between £10 and £20.

Although, to make sure that your merch flies off the table and you see the profit start to pile up, it’s important to choose the right merch for your fans.

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We're loving Cassia's T-shirt collection available in their Music Glue store.

2. Choose your merch wisely

There’s a whole world of merch out there, from the practical to the downright weird. As tempting as it might be to go wild and order 1000 custom Kazoos, stop and take and think whether that’s what your fans really want.

Even with merch stand staples like t-shirts, it’s important to consider your audience and options. You may love the idea of going for a bright green t-shirt but will your fans? In our experience, the answer is more than likely going to be no. Over the years we’ve seen that black or white are by far the top t-shirt sellers. You also need to think about what sizes you’re going to be stocking, you don’t want to be left with hundreds of extra small tees that you can’t get rid of.

3. Don’t let design daunt you

So you know what you want to sell but you need to know what you’re going to put on it. If you’re lucky, one of you may be a dab hand in the design department, but don’t panic if you’re art skills stop at paint by numbers. Music and artwork go hand in hand, and merch provides the perfect opportunity to reach out and collaborate with illustrators and designers.

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Take a look at Mele's official website and store on Music Glue.

4. Go Digital

Your merch stand shouldn’t be shackled to the corner of the venues you visit, make sure that your fans can also indulge online. Make it easy for your fans to find all your latest merch by having it all available from your online store, straight on your website.

Music Glue tip: Creating a store on Music Glue takes minutes. Upload a product image and description, add the price, stock quantity and colour/size variations. Then off you go! Try it for yourself by creating a store on Music Glue today.

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Check out Amber Run's website and store on Music Glue.

Remember a mailing list is king, so ask people to sign up at gigs or on your website and social channels. This way you not only get the chance to keep them up to date with your tour dates and latest releases but also send them notifications when new merch goes live in your store.
##5. Stock take is key So we know that counting out t-shirts, keeping track of orders or cashing up at the end of the night might not be the most glamorous of jobs, but it’s important that somebody does it. Making sure that you have someone who knows the ins and outs of your merch, keeps track of profit margins and can reorder best sellers before you completely run out, will make sure you get the most out of your merch. Sick of spreadsheets? atVenue. is an awesome app that has streamlined keeping track of merch for bands, venues and live music events across the globe. If you’re serious about merch, this could be the answer to your admin prayers.
## 6. Bump up your sales with bundles

Bundles are a great way of up selling your merch around a tour or album releases. Try product combinations such as; ticket + T-shirt, album and tote bag and give it a little discount. Fans are likely to spend a bit more to support you, especially if they are getting a deal.

Music Glue tip: It's easy to create all sorts of bundles in your Music Glue store, watch how in this tutorial.

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Check out Ciarian Lavery's bundles on his official store on Music Glue.

Awesome Merchandise make custom merchandise all in-house, in their 23,000 sq/ft factory in the city centre of Leeds. You can work with them to create over 500 different products so whether you are looking for one piece to a hundred thousand, they have the merch for you. Visit their website.

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