13 new year's resolutions from musicians

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New year, new goals! We asked 13 Music Glue artists to share their intentions for 2018 to inspire you- what are yours?

Jack Savoretti

Going for more walks... Having moved to the country side I find the greatest gift it has to give is space, and going for walks is the best way to allow that space around you to give more space in your head for more ideas.

Rou Reynolds, Enter Shikari

To eat more pulses and legumes, and to skip where one would normally walk, second Tuesday of every month.

J. Willgoose, Esq., Public Service Broadcasting

Mine are quite boring I'm afraid and mostly as a result of getting older. I'm resolving to cut down on dairy products (especially milk in tea) and also cut down my drinking, which I'm pretty sure was several times over the recommended amount last year. Being in and around music makes it an easy habit to fall into but as I get older I'm more conscious of its toll on physical as well as mental health. On a more positive note I'm making a deliberate effort to get to more gigs this year, as well as making more time for reading. Oh, and less time on the phone, too! Yours, the least rock and roll man in rock and roll.

Sea Girls

Have lots of fun writing, recording and playing new tunes to lots more people plus the standard resolution most of us probably share to be more healthy generally, that and thinking of a way of getting Sea Girls EU citizenship, so in years to come we don’t have to tour Europe needing 27 different visas he he!


Our new years resolution is to keep writing bangers and stop Moz being late to everything.

Kev, Bear’s Den

I’m trying really hard to give up smoking which is not easy. Set a quit date of January 1st. Fingers crossed!

Joel Sarakula

I plan to stay focused and fresh next year and most importantly to spread the love... club.


To continue to increase our technical ability and explore new sounds in order to produce fantastic songs and eat healthy foods and exercise (gym, running) to be in the best physical shape for touring!

Trudy and The Romance

My new year resolution is to love and learn and enjoy the world for everything it has to give.

Speakman Sound

To Dance More!

Pat Dam Smyth

New Years resolution? A dangerous game. Last year I said I would learn French. I did not. This year? Be true to myself. - spend the time to understand what that actually means.

Cape Cub

Be honest, grateful and relentlessly focused. Pursue honesty in the music at all times. Always be grateful for those who listen, care and connect. Put the focus on the road in front - not on the road slowly fading behind or on the lanes either side and those within them. Exist within my own sphere and simply don't worry.


Spending time in other cultures…we’ve been lucky enough to land some buzzing European dates and stuff but it’s just made us hungry for more! There was talk of a tour of South Africa at one point and we’d be really keen to make that happen with African music being so much of an influence and inspiration for us. So yeah we’d love to get out to as many places as possible!

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