Pop Recs presents:

The Gallow's Pole Live Performance

Pop Recs Ltd, Sunderland, GB

Entry Requirements: Under 14 accompanied by an adult

A new music collective based in Northumberland and Durham, The Shining Levels are proud to present their debut album Music inspired by the novel The Gallows Pole on Outré. Written and recorded on the edge of the northern English moors and using rural folk musicians, loops and electronics, the result is a heady brew of gritty landscape hymns, ethereal acid-folk, borderlands ballads, 70s folk horror TV/film atmospherics, mood pieces, echoes of the colliery bands of old, moor-top drones and much, much more. Music inspired by the novel The Gallows Pole sees The Shining Levels tread similar topographical terrain to The Unthanks, and shares DNA with such disparate musical ancestors such as Pentangle, Sandy Denny, Bridget St. John and Tom Waits, though is its own beast entirely. A combined love of ambient music, hip-hop production and musical obscurities from far-flung countries meanwhile ensure this is a folk record in a very real – and very modern - sense.

27 Stockton Road £5 Doors 7pm