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Peter Brewis

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Peter Brewis, one half of Sunderland duo Field Music (his brother David is the other half), has announced Blowdry Colossus which will be out September 22 via Daylight Savings Records. This is his first solo album under his own name, but he did release a fantastic album under the name The Week That Was in 2008. This one is mostly instrumental, taking cues from Yellow Magic Orchestra, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and Bill Nelson. “I wanted to make something where the music was the focus.” says Peter, “With songs, the lyrics tend to carry the meaning: ‘This song is about...' I wanted the music to be the meaning - the melodies, harmonies, sounds, structures.”

The album features help from David Brewis, Sarah Hayes (You Tell Me), and Peter’s son Alexander, and the first single from the album is the cinematic "Lemoncadabra" who gleaming synths and melodic percussion sound like the promise of the '80s at the start of the decade.

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Peter Brewis