Dead Young Records presents:

School Night vs Tipping Point

A Festival, A Parade + The Boxing + NALA

Oporto, Leeds, GB

Entry Requirements: 16+

Dead Young Records & Marsicans present...

School Night April!

A carefully curated line up by Tipping Point, the North East's finest new music company ft...

A Festival, A Parade, The Boxing NALA

  • Marsicans & Tipping Point DJs

Wednesday 4th April, 7.30pm Oporto, Call Lane, Leeds

£5 adv.

Line Up

A Festival, A Parade are an alternative rock band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

EP 2 coming soon.

“The four-piece specialise in dark, atmospheric build. Brooding baritone vocals only add to hints of The National, but in ‘If Dogs Could Talk…’, they throw themselves towards completely different territory in the space of four minutes. Structures collapse with the flick of a switch, and the group swing from elegant gloominess to hyperactive, twitching math-rock. Nothing’s off the agenda.” – DIY Mag

“It’s melodic, yet noisy. Its dark, yet it has its light moments. It’s loud, and then it’s quiet. Their sound is delightfully schizophrenic. It definitely has legs and their weirdness intrigues.” – Louder Than War

“By turns desolate and beautiful, a lopsided look at alternative rock that’s already turning heads on the blogs.” – Glasswerk

“There are shades of The National and co’s deep-seated, brooding sense of intrigue in the EP, which is a hefty burst of guitar-led somberness, all flashes of dense guitar and pulsating percussion.” – GoldFlakePaint

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‘The unofficial queen of music that makes you want to dance and cry at the same time.’ Solo electronic artist and connoisseur of ‘sad dance’ music NALA is the work of Leeds College of Music student Holly Readman from the north east UK. The 21 year old composer/producer, who released their very first body of work [EP1] in November 2017, has only just begun their musical journey but is already making waves in the Leeds electronica scene, featuring recently on BBC Introducing WY and KMAH radio, and making passionate steps to push the Girls To The Front movement. An alchemist of remorseless beats, jarring basslines, and sprinkled with lyrics preaching truths of mental health and injustice - its creepy, its gritty, its fearless and relentless; and unapologetically so. “A force of art-pop oddity, electronic artist NALA is equal parts creepy and cathartic, making music designed to see you through until the early hours of the morning.” - Jenessa Williams, Confidentials mag.

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