NOTOWN Vinyl Bundle - NOTOWN

NOTOWN Vinyl Bundle

Recent releases on NOTOWN including: Supaluga & Ichiro_ - Badminton Club Remix 7" Hannes Rasmus - Analog ist besser EP Voices Of Black - Get Enough EP Wanda Group - Outer Alsatian EP Dam Mantle - Brothers Fowl LP

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    This bundle also includes:

    Wanda Group - Outer Alsatian EP 12"

    Wanda Group, aka Louis Johnstone, is the latest artist to release a record with Gold Panda's label, NOTOWN Recordings. An artist who ‘creates beautiful, decayed landscapes of tape crackle, hiss and distortion’ (The Quietus), the music of Wanda Group is an other-worldly collage of sounds that touch on musique concrete and other forms of oblique, densely beautiful sounds.

    The release follows the appearance of his much discussed ‘PISS FELL OUT LIKE SUNLIGHT’ release on vinyl earlier this year after initially appearing in cassette form on Opal Records. Previously Wanda Group has released music on the likes of NNA Tapes, Further Records, Woetone and Vlek.


    This bundle also includes:

    Voices Of Black - Get Enough EP 12"

    Voices of Black are Jules Randolph and Baba Doherty. Previously the two 23 year olds released music on Wolf+Lamb and Double Standards.

    The Get Enough EP sees the duo preaching the ways of Yarchism. According to Jules and Baba, Yarchism, is the practice of freely accessing and projecting one’s subconscious mind.

    Track list: 01.Get Enough 02.Imaginary One Time Love 03.Lake Tahoe (Interlude) 04.Chasing Stars From The Moon 05.Last Dance

    This bundle also includes:

    Supaluga & Ichiro_ - Badminton Club Remix 7"

    Limited edition (only 300 worldwide) 7" single released on Gold Panda's NOTOWN label.

    Track list:

    A: Badminton Club Remix B: Badminton Club Remix Instrumental

    This bundle also includes:

    Hannes Rasmus - Analog ist besser EP 12"

    Analog ist besser is the latest release on NOTOWN and the first from Hamburg-based producer and musician, Hannes Rasmus. Hannes Rasmus creates solely analogue music, which lends a deep warmth and personality to proceedings - combined with the German’s keen ear for a teasing melody, his work immediately stands out. The track, ‘Wir sind hier nicht in Detroit, Dirk’ translates to English as ‘we’re not in Detroit, Dirk’, a playful nudge towards his music’s roots and inspiration.

    “Hannes is hugely talented. For me, his music has this lovely warmth, and there is something quite Hamburg in his sound too I think, which really appealed to me.” – Gold Panda

    12" limited to 300 worldwide, includes download code.

    Track list:

    Side A 01. An einem Donnerstag im September
    02. Analog ist besser
    Side B 01. Wir sind hier nicht in Detroit, Dirk
    02. Die Idee ist gut doch die Welt ist schon zu weit

    This bundle also includes:

    Dam Mantle - Brothers Fowl LP

    Dam Mantle is the moniker of Tom Marshallsay; the reflective, Glasgow-incumbent artist and electronic producer whose debut album ‘Brothers Fowl' is the culmination of a long and varied musical path.

    Releases have ranged from the other-worldly chamber orchestration found in his ‘Grey EP’ the menacing, electronic-infused hip hop of the ‘Purple Arrow EP’, or the joyfully eclectic bedlam of his ‘We EP’ release. ‘Brothers Fowl’ sees Mantle turning another corner, building the record with a similar palette of sounds and rhythms but bringing a noir-ish ambience to proceedings. It’s his most fully-realised statement and a fine culmination of the last three years of activity. .

    1 Canterbury Pt.1 2 Canterbury Pt.2 3 Lifting 4 RGB 5 Brothers Fowl 6 Blueberry 7 Ish 8 Spirit

    2 x LP includes download code for album and exclusive bonus tracks.